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You Spell It Like The Drink

A Personal Blog of B. David Beers covering topics of faith, genealogy, justice and inclusion, plus whatever I feel like talking about

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What Am I Waiting For?

What am I waiting for? It is the beginning of December 2020 and the second week of Advent in the Christian liturgical year (now the third...

Incarnating the Incarnation

Incarnating the Incarnation Today is the first Sunday of Advent in the year 2020 CE. In the tradition of the Christian Church, it marks...

Leave Taking

Leave Taking We come to say good night, Let us close our eyes Imagine that we are standing next to one another in a sacred circle. Feel...

Defining who I am

Defining who I am In my last two posts, I spent some time talking about my journey and sharing some of my family histories. It is easy to...

Who am I? Part 2

Who am I? Part 2 Or What is a Celtic-Nordic-Germanic American anyway? So, I promised to give you the real story that I intended to tell...

Who am I? Part 1

Who am I? I am a big fan of French literature. My favorite novel of all time is The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. I am also...

The soil of my beginning

IIn my Spiritual Formation class, we have been talking about Spiritualities that come from the indigenous peoples of North America, from...

You Poor Unfortunate Soul

You poor unfortunate soul You poor unfortunate soul My great-grandmother, my father's paternal grandmother, has the saddest life story of...

But I don’t want to play nice!

But I don't want to play nice! I said that I would have a second part to my last post. In these days of ossified positions and...

Does Jesus make you mad?

I saw the meme above and shared it on my Facebook feed, which I often do. I usually get likes and hearts from like-minded friends and...

The First Step in the Middle of a Journey

How does one start a blog at this point in one’s life? Often I have been told that I tend to begin stories in the middle. Sometimes the...

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