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Leave Taking

Leave Taking

We come to say good night, Let us close our eyes

Imagine that we are standing next to one another in a sacred circle.

Feel the flow of energy in the midst of our circle

A connection beyond physical touch, sight, or sense

We have been drawn together

The universe intends beyond our own knowing.

In the midst of our gathering, learning, and sharing

We have become co-creators in something new.

We came from different places, separate from one another.

We came with our own agendas and ideas, our own plans and purposes.

Gathered together we became something new, something different

Something never before seen or experienced in the universe.

We have all been transformed in the sharing of ourselves.

We have been intermingled with one another.

We are no longer who we were, we are no longer strangers

We are no longer isolated and separated from each other.

As we take our leave from one another to go back to our lives

Remember this sacred act of uniting

Remember that we carry one another as we go.

We travel not alone but as heart companions

We share each burden, each joy; each tear and laugh

In this way, the journey is easier, the load is lighter

The sun and the stars shine brighter lighting our common path.

We part in body, but stay connected in spirit.

In our connection, we are stronger, more courageous

More of who we truly are.

The farther we go from one another the less we may feel this

Know that from this point we will walk together.

Until our paths cross again in this life or the next.

May love, peace, and joy fill your life and guide your path.

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