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You Spell It Like The Drink

A Personal Blog of B. David Beers covering topics of faith, genealogy, justice and inclusion, plus whatever I feel like talking about

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Water of the Sun

The sun's water never quenches thirst but can drown the soul, and the fire of the moon cannot warm the heart but burns in the mind; the...

Time Runs On

Too fast the clock hands turn, how quickly the pages of the calendar fall, time out races the best of us. We experience life moving...

I am the Storm

I am the storm Speaking with a voice of thunder, Charging the air with my electricity Cleansing the world with my tears, I am the...

Little by little

Little by little The water boils Little by little The frog is cooked We pretend we don’t notice That the laws are changed That rights are...

Just the Same

Just the same as when he said goodbye. The door closed softly as he left Behind him, the chaos and confusion reigned No one looked up as...

On the Edge of Heresy

On the Edge of Heresy Standing in the borderlands of faith. the mists of spirit swirl around me I look back on the road I traveled And...

Across the Kierkegaardian Sea

Finally, free from the prison in the land of Self-doubt Surviving the torture at the hands of Self-hatred and Fear. I cast my boat into a...

In the Pain of Living

In the Pain of Living In the pain of living Watered by the tears of loss Comes the cosmos’ nurturing of our soul Relentless days and...

Words of...

Words of promise Words to commit Words to bind hearts and minds body and souls Said in the midst of passion and love Said with water...

I know where to heal

I know where to heal When I start feeling pain When the ache in my heart Overwhelms my reason All the times when I cry And don’t...

Mystic, Magic, Sacred, Divine

Mystic, Magic, Sacred, Divine Mother Gaia is clothed in her holy robes of blue and green. She calls me to the sacred dance of life. The...

I Open My Mind and Listen

I open my mind and listen I sit at my desk My pen in my hand Waiting for the words to come What will they be? What will I write? I open...

Looking Back

Looking Back Each moment passes before we know it’s gone. Our Own memories are written on the shores of time’s ocean Soon the clarity of...

I Feel the Divine

I feel the divine There is a fire that burns within me Lit by the felt love of those who held my hand I hear their voices in my ear...

What about the Gay Best Friend Trope?

What about the Gay Best Friend? I have been working on a Certificate of Sexuality and Religion at the Pacific School of Religion in...

Neither too fast nor too slow

Neither too fast nor too slow Coming at the proper time Things delayed and put off Knowledge unknown lessons unlearned Feelings of love...

I look in the mirror

I look in the mirror I see the face that I have always seen The same brown eyes The same bushy eyebrows now speckled with gray It’s a...

Stars over Africa

Stars over Africa Snow on the Andes turquoise waters under the seven-mile bridge Sunrise on the Atlantic Sunset on the Gulf Water falling...

It’s all been said before

It’s all been said before It strikes me as humorous that every time I think I come up with a new and creative spin on something, I read...

Queering Bridgerton

Queering Bridgerton Finding inspiration for writing my posts sometimes comes from expected places. Typically, it has been reading or...

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