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On the Edge of Heresy

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

On the Edge of Heresy

Standing in the borderlands of faith.

the mists of spirit swirl around me

I look back on the road I traveled

And contemplate what brought me here.

Looking back to where I began,

In the bosom of family and home

A faith that was sung to me in my cradle

A belief that was passed down like an heirloom.

Who was I to question my elders

How was I to know what was true?

My infant mind only felt the love

That came from those I knew.

the words of Jesus gave me comfort

And my welcome was always clear

There was something I was learning

I feared they could make this disappear.

the tempests of life swirled around me,

I clung harder to the thought

That this faith and place would keep me safe

And I would always have a home.

Unable to merge the words and actions

Of those who claimed the truth,

I lost trust in my reckoning

And I lost myself in turn.

Early on, I heard a calling.

From on high, a voice so clear

That to share divine love with others

Was to be my mission here.

Faithfully, I turned my journey

Committed to the place I knew

Said the words that kept the blessing,

From the faith in which I grew.

My life changed as prayers were answered

Not in the way I thought they would

Love and pain mixed all together

Tears of joy and sadness grew.

Wrestling with my untold secret

Afraid to lose any love I knew

I kept that part inside me

Festering, and yet it grew.

Love shared but only partly

With those I loved and those I served

How could they truly understand me?

If I wasn’t completely true.

Love lost, and vision shattered

Along the road, I thought I had lost my way

Still keeping faith in what I knew

I struggled to keep my spirit true.

Finally, in the depths of despair,

In my brokenness, I knew

I must move beyond

This childhood faith from which I grew.

On my own Damascus Road, my blindness,

Like scales from my eyes fell

And a higher light shone brightly

Lighting up the path before.

Embracing all of who I am

Living my truth with grace

I accepted my weakness

And turned to my strength instead.

Slowing climbing up the mountain

Meeting guides along the way

Opening to new understandings

New wisdom would come to me.

The truth of what I was learning

Was not anything I ever knew

But clear-eyed, I saw things

In a way, that made them new.

Here I stand, with many others

Unwilling to be complicit anymore

With a system that brings oppression

Hate, injustice, and even war.

The truth of what I know

Has come to me at last

There is freedom in rejecting

Letting go of the hurtful past.

Standing on the edge of heresy

Turning faith upon its head

I now see with certain clarity

The same road on which I tread.

The truth of divine love never changes

No one group can pen it in

Given to all completely and freely

The light of the divine shines from within.

Not denying and yet embracing

A deeper truth that is told

The gift of grace is not an item

To be bought or even sold.

Let the spirits light my pathway

And the Universe direct

it does not negate my calling

But opens wider beyond my grasp.

Heresy is the truth that shines its light

On institutions, lies, and sham

Blasphemy rejects the thought that

Divinity lies outside the heart of humans.

I come not as one with wisdom

I come not a prophet of old

Here my words, and seek your truth

Walk with me along this road.

From childish faith that clings to the past

To a spirituality that lives in the now

No greater law is that of love

From our prophet, this we know.

Only from the edge of heresy

Can we see the way to go,

Freed from chains of fear and hatred

Into the future in which to grow.

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