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Water of the Sun

The sun's water never quenches thirst but can drown the soul, and the fire of the moon cannot warm the heart but burns in the mind; the strength of the earth can bring forth life and yet be hard as stone—stillness in the dark, unknowable mystery rules speech and passion. Lists and contracts control love, which is the center, yet it is never in the same place or with the same people. The stars stretch across the sky, moving in a silent circle in a dance throughout the ages.  

Yet even they will shift and change the mysteries of the cosmos revealed before our eyes, yet we cannot see, hear, or understand. Forces beyond our control bind our lives, yet what we do, choose, and become is within our grasp. Life seems fleeting, and yet it is eternal. The energy that shapes and forms us is infinite and cannot be contained in a single form, shape, or body. It moves from place to place, from time to time, from thought to thought, and from feeling to feeling. The power, the light, the surge, move continually and yet are invisible countless lives before we created our body, countless lives before we began our soul, the two intertwined as two separate vines growing together along the wall, touching, mingling, interchanging and yet distinct.  

Yet, unknowing, unseeing, and perceiving bring us ultimate knowledge and understanding. Wisdom comes not by learning but by living experience, and it teaches us nothing but what not to do: who not to go, not to love, who not to trust, and what not to think. The language of our thoughts and tongues are miles apart in our hearts, speaks and yet not heard. Our mind presents intentions that are often misunderstood.  

What is this mystery of who we are and why we are? What are we for? Why are we here, from the first creatures that could perceive and think beyond themselves to the last of us in the vastness of space and time? The unknown question, with no one answer, drives us forward to seek the fullness of truth and understanding. We will become gods before we find those answers, yet even in our deity, we will seek, look, and hope. 

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