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I am the Storm

I am the storm

Speaking with a voice of thunder,

Charging the air with my electricity

Cleansing the world with my tears,

I am the mountain

Standing strong against the sky,

A landmark for those who journey by

Created in fire and chaos

Only to be reduced by water and time

I am the ocean

A vast, unknowable mystery

Home to those who seek refuge within my realm

At one moment, calm and serene,

And in the next, a violent force of destruction

I am the One Tree

I spring from the heart of Mother Earth

My roots connect deeply with all life everywhere

All time blossoms in my branches

I am the true ladder between Earth and the sky

I am the Universe

From creation, I have existed

My bones made from the stuff of stars

The forces of all life flow through me Like blood through my veins

The divine source beats through me

And moves me forward toward its ultimate purpose

I am at one with all things

Separate and yet part of all

Connected to all things, past and future

Through the reality of the one-only present moment,

I have come to life Incarnated in this body of flesh

Manifesting creation’s divine plan

My energy—my soul never dies But flows from one place to another

Until finally returning to the Place where the end and beginning

Meet at the edge of infinity For all of eternity

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