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Across the Kierkegaardian Sea

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Finally, free from the prison in the land of Self-doubt

Surviving the torture at the hands of Self-hatred and Fear.

I cast my boat into a sea of existential doubt

Tossed about in the waves of emotional crises

Blown back and forth by the winds of hesitation

Never quite able to see the stars in the sky.

Ever only a glimpse of a twinkle of light here and there,

Hinting at a promise of hope.

I come to an atoll, a brief flicker of enlightenment,

A respite amid the reef of understanding.

Able to fall into a brief fit of slumber

To dream and vision who I am and who I want to be.

I return to my boat, knowing that I must move ever forward

Just a little wiser, a little bolder, a little less afraid of not having answers.

The night becomes a little less dark, as on the horizon,

The promise of the dawn kisses the night

with the taste of a promise of a new day.

I sail the Kierkegaardian Sea, no longer lost or alone

In the journey of not merely becoming but truly being,

My entire self, just as it is in the present moment

The light begins to shine from within

And that light reflects back from the stars above.

My journey is never quite complete

Over time, it is not any less perilous,

But what I have learned allows me to steer my boat

Toward my greatest joy, my best life,

The farther I go, the stronger I am

The longer I sail, the more I understand

I am beginning to be able to cast light into the world

So that others might find help on their paths

Sharing the lessons of experience and wisdom

Like buoys marking a channel’s boundaries.

Not a solitary wisdom

but a collective of all who have come this way before

Shared wisdom from the Cosmos

Incarnated in us all to manifest the Universe's law of love

As all Creation sings across the eons to the very edges of eternity.

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