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I look in the mirror

I look in the mirror

I see the face that I have always seen

The same brown eyes

The same bushy eyebrows now speckled with gray

It’s a face that I know

It’s a face that seems the same

It has changed over time

There’s less hair and more gray

Wrinkle lines across the forehead

And around the eyes

Much fuller around the jowls

With dark circles under the eyes

Even though I see these changes

I still see the person I think that I am

I still see the person that lives in my head

There is nothing objective in what I see

I see the person that I want to be

I see the person I fear that I am

Others tell me they see a change

Others tell me that I am not the same

That the person they see today

Is not the person they knew before

The whole of my being seems different to them

As evidence of something happening within

I look even harder to see what they see.

My mind can’t perceive this difference in me

Too much has happened up to this point

I am too used to not noticing

How the inside shapes the outer

How what is seen is more than a face

My soul sings a song of freedom new found

My spirit soars like a bird released from its cage

My heart opens up like a blossoming flower

My mind still questions all that goes on

But I hear a voice telling me to let go

A voice that says the past is only a fading dream

Awake in the moment to what is real

Arise and move forward to walk a new path

Refreshed and renewed to begin a new day

Resurrected from what was before

Recreated to become who you are

Celebrating where you are right now

I look at my face in the mirror

By all appearances, it looks the same

There’s a light in those eyes

That shines like a flame

The flames of a phoenix rising anew

To new life and new love--never the same.

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