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I Open My Mind and Listen

I open my mind and listen

I sit at my desk

My pen in my hand

Waiting for the words to come

What will they be? What will I write?

I open my mind and listen

To all that I have read before

The writers and the poets

All the music I have heard

And what I have seen with my eyes

In real life and on TV

Knowledge and understanding

Lessons learned on purpose

And those by failure

Where is my source?

I open my mind and listen

To that voice which is in me

To the voices that come from beyond

Blended together in harmony

Saying what is needed to start

Words flow from my pen

Across the keyboard, they arise

Making sense only when they come together

I open my mind and listen

I reflect, reread and revise

Words that almost seem alien to me

And yet this is my voice

These are my words

Given to me by the One Source

A gift of creation to share in creating

And in return as my offering

I give the words back

To the universe to use as it will

Once released take on a power of their own

And having done so--

I open my mind and listen

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