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Stars over Africa

Stars over Africa

Snow on the Andes

turquoise waters under the seven-mile bridge

Sunrise on the Atlantic

Sunset on the Gulf

Water falling into a stony pool below

The smell of biscuits and bacon

The feel of sand between the toes

The chill of a pool on a summer’s day

The flush of first love

The heat of a lover’s kiss

The joy in saying I do

A baby’s first cry

The ache of letting go

The tears of saying good-bye

Feelings that come

Feelings that go

Senses that shape us and make us alive

Living each day

Each moment precious

Eternity in every second

Stars over Africa

Snow on the Andes

Turquoise water under the seven-mile bridge

The soul sings for joy

The heart that is full

Celebrate each moment sacred and true.

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