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I Feel the Divine

I feel the divine

There is a fire that burns within me

Lit by the felt love of those who held my hand

I hear their voices in my ear

Singing songs from within their heart.

I taste the juice and bread

A mystery to me but more

A sense of feeling someone with me

Somehow pouring love into my heart.

Tears come to my eyes uncalled

Joy and sadness comingled

I stand in line waiting

A voice speaks and a hand touches my head

All at once, I am overwhelmed

A presence so close so intimate

Takes hold of me and carries me away

My body falls and my spirit soars

I am no longer alone and afraid

I am held closer than any lover could

My body rests my heart beats faster

I am loved and not rejected

I am chosen to be bride and groom

A sacred uniting of all that I am

Neither male nor female but both

Giver and receiver at the same time.

I rise like Jesus from the tomb

Resurrected and indwelt by that holy presence

No longer separate from the divine

At one with all creation

And the Incarnation begins again.

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