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I know where to heal

I know where to heal

When I start feeling pain

When the ache in my heart

Overwhelms my reason

All the times when I cry

And don’t understand

When I am triggered by something

That connects to my past

Ghosts and shadows

Of things long ago

Torments re-lived

Inflict hurt here and now

Just the thought of them

Brings the past back to life

I become paralyzed with fear

Anxiety from unseen phantoms

Then the light of truth breaks through

And reveals the present reality

Long ago trauma brought pain

And left scars that still ache

But I do not have to continue

To let it destroy me

I know where to heal

By looking inside

My feelings reveal

Old stories and lies

My truth is today

My reality now

I claim back my power

I own who I am

Knowing that all that has happened

Has brought me here

The only thing true

The only thing real

Is what is right now

Is what is before me

I cannot go back

Nor do I wish to

I will not go back

And let it still hurt me

Today I am whole

Today I am strong

I know who I am

And where I belong

No longer will I let

My thoughts rule the day

I know what they are

And where they come from

I let them float by

Along the stream in my mind

Releasing them into the void

And feeling their power subside

I tell a new story

I sing a new song

Of one who has learned

Much wisdom hard-won

I send my love to

A little boy lost

Alone and afraid

Not able to understand

Why there is so much pain

So much anger and rage

I let him feel peace

Acceptance of all that he is

In that embrace

My arms wrap around my own heart

Bringing healing and joy

And awareness of self

I know where to heal

I have all that I need

To live life on my terms

Walking a path of knowledge and love

I know where to heal

And in healing myself

I become able to bring light and love

Into a broken world

The place I go

Where others are in pain

The universe sends me

To where there is pain

I know where to heal

With tools, I have always had

And passion burning inside me

The world restored from within

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