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In the Pain of Living

In the Pain of Living

In the pain of living

Watered by the tears of loss

Comes the cosmos’ nurturing of our soul

Relentless days and sleepless nights

Crashing against us like a tidal wave

Brings the strength to endure

And the resolve to go on

Mistakes and Failures

Which seem to be missteps along life’s path

Are steps closer to the goal of becoming

Who one is meant to be

Enemies who wound us

Teach lessons not found in any text book

Friends who walk beside us

Provide a daily discipline of compassion and empathy

Regret is the misunderstanding

Of the lessons to be learnt

The road not taken is one of the many paths to choose

Whichever way you go is part of the journey

One can only become who they are

By being who they were

And yet letting go of that person

In the light of every new dawn.

Gifts don’t always come in pretty boxes

Only through trial and error does wisdom come

Becoming is the ultimate goal of every day

And all are tomorrows are built upon this

Because of what was

Can there be what is

Because of what is

There will be what will be

The Cosmos’ mandate of love

Reminds that no one is alone

In the experience of pain and loss

Is the Call to share the journey with others

Becoming a conduit of that love

Is the transforming process

That allows life to be the manifestation

of the incarnation of the Universe's love of all Creation.

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