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Mystic, Magic, Sacred, Divine

Mystic, Magic, Sacred, Divine

Mother Gaia is clothed in her holy robes of blue and green.

She calls me to the sacred dance of life.

The vibrant green of her gown

Reflects onto the leaves and grass.

Breathing out precious oxygen to give me life.

As I breathe in, I also breathe out.

In so doing, I gift the trees the breath of life.

Around we go in this divine cycle

Together we resuscitate each other.

With the same air given off from the first life

Together with the animals and plants

we become the lungs of creation.

In the midst of the dance, my soul takes flight

Renewed and restored by the green of the leaves.

The blue of the sky suspended water on high.

I am wrapped in the holy robes of Mother Gaia.

Reconnected to my source.

And reminded of the oneness of all creation.

Mystic, Magic, Sacred, Divine

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