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Neither too fast nor too slow

Neither too fast nor too slow

Coming at the proper time

Things delayed and put off

Knowledge unknown lessons unlearned

Feelings of love feelings of loss

Regret for the undone

Remorse for what has happened

Waiting for passion

Feeling it burning inside

Life unexamined for so long

Paths unexplored risks untaken

Then the lightning strikes

The continents divide and the sea parts

A chorus of angels sings from the heavens

The sun rises and lights the hidden places

Like the field left fallow and untilled

After all has been cleared away

New life springs forth

All the riches of the Earth come forth

New things are seen and heard

Wisdom whispers and begins to sing

Forgotten knowledge returns

Unremembered memories break through

The former paths are cleared away

Revealing new paths beyond expectation

New vistas stretch as far as the eye can see

The journey never ended

The sleeper was always awake

The only way here is through what was before

No step was in vain

No struggle was meaningless

The anguish and pain were the teachers

The responses training the heart and the soul

Never a victim

Freed from an imaginary prison

existing only in the mind

Unshackled from fears and doubts

Running towards the light of a new day

Embracing each new moment of life

Celebrating oneness with all that is

Feeling the fullness of the Universe within

The grand connection between the mundane and the divine

The journey was necessary to reach this place

The struggle endured to survive the past

Looking back down the mountain

Wondering why

Why not sooner, why not easier

Looking up towards the heavens

Seeing the ultimate goal

Hearing the voices of those coming up the path

And of encouragement of those ahead

Knowing that this is the way

Feeling those who are guiding

And those who must be guided

Moments come and then go

All exactly when and where they should be

Happening at the time when needed and necessary

Neither too fast nor too slow.

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