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Words of...

Words of promise

Words to commit

Words to bind hearts and minds body and souls

Said in the midst of passion and love

Said with water dripping from one’s head

Said with warmed hearts and starry eyes

Words said hoping to manifest

Words said believing in their truth

words said with the intention of love

Over time becoming

Chains of obligation

Contracts of forced servitude

Duties that diminish the passion

Lies that burn out the soul

Dreams of equality amongst siblings transformed into

A reality of strata of caste and privilege

Divine love, grace, and mercy

Experienced as human judgment, punishment, and condemnation

The Temple is empty

The altar is desecrated

The city on the hill has become

The place where prophets go to be killed

Believe in the light in your own heart

Listen to the Cosmos’ song of love

Creation still calls us her children

Celebrate the gift to Universe that each is created to be

The hope is within

Today is the promise

Love yourself to love others

We are all given the power to save

When our words become actions,

When we fulfill the cosmic design of love,

When we understand that there is no separation

Between any of us

No need for temples or churches

Buildings that fence in and keep out

Only a place within our hearts and minds

Where we can worship love manifested

Amidst and amongst humanity

In spirit and in truth, regardless of location

Regardless of era, regardless of any label that is used to divide

Words of promise

Words of hope

Words of love

To bring life to a weary heart and a doubting mind

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